Disco Lucy

Disco Balearic Boogie

   Hailing from the wilds of Nova Scotia Michelle Kelly ranks alongside maple syrup, lumberjacks and ice hockey as one of Canada’s finest exports. Since arriving on these shores she’s immersed herself into the London disco scene. She is the co-founder of the long running and ever popular Breaking Even parties, one half of Adventures In Paradise with Katie Barber, and a highly respected and knowledgeable DJ in her own right who has played alongside such luminaries as Sean P, Phil Mison, Gerry Rooney, Moonboots and more. With a great ear for a tune and enthused with an irrepressible party spirit Michelle can always be counted on to bring a certain special something.

Vinyl    CD

Bars, Festivals, Radio
The London Fields, Horse & Groom,
Secret Island Festival
DJ Harvey, Horse Meat Disco, Claremont 56