Auntie Maureen

1950's Latin Vintage R&B Swing

   Auntie Maureen has traveled across musical genres & scenes since the 1980's, from jazz, hiphop, UKGarage & every toosh shaking groove in between. Founding member of jazz dance troupe the Jazzcotech Dancers she has always sought out the dance floor first & foremost. Hosting music from behind the decks led her to be an original Red Bull Music Academy participant, to play on pirate radio stations such as GLR & Deja Vu, to DJ with Bugz in the Attic & to be the first & only DJ to audition & be accepted at the Royal College of Music. The turntable is her lifetime companion so she now champions an original HMV102 78rpm shellac record playing picnic gramophone. Her motto: Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did, but backwards & in high heels.


78rpm shellac records     Vinyl     MP3

Festivals, Art Installation, Fashion shows

Tate Britain, Somerset House, Bestival

Duke Ellington, Flora Purim, IG Culture